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92295A-MICR-C $59.00

reman 95 micr toner cartridge-for printing BANK CHECKS

HP 95A Black Remanufactured MICR Toner Cartridge (92295A)

Remanufactured MICR Hewlett Packard fitsAcom-Comp lx3808d, lx3808, lx4808; Alcatel 8378; Alps lsx-1000; Anzac-Comp 3008; Applied-Comp acs-ljiid; Birmy pal, pal-plus; Blaser ii; Business-Sys lasersoft-print-iii; Chelgraph proofing-printer-8ppm; Compugraphic cg408; Computer-Lang formwriter-2mx, formwriter-2ex, formwriter-2exd; Comterm laser-ii; CPT lp-8; Data-General 6456, 5454x, 6454, 9454; Decision-Data 6208; Digital-Laser plus-141; Digital-{DEC} ln05, laser-2150, laser-2200-plus, laser-2100-plus, ln06, ln06p, laser-2250-plus, laser-2250, laser-2200, laser-2100, laser-2150-plus; Eicon script-400-version-1, laser-400, script-400-version-2; Electronic-Forms 2exd, 2ex, 2mx; Frostbyte maxx-8; Gbt 6636-xp, 6636-lx, 6606-xp; Genicom 7610, 6100, acewriter, 6142-acewriter, 6145, 6000, 6140-acewriter; Gestetner lx-800, glx-801, laser-800, gld-801, gls-800; Hewlett-Packard 33447-a-laserjet-iid, 33440-a-laserjet-ii, 33449-a-laserjet-iii, 33459-a-laserjet-iiid; IDS lpc3; Imagen 2308-s, imagestation-s

Meets US Banking Standards and Tested on a Check Scanning Device.

Replaces: 92295A

Discontinued Remanufactured

Rather than just replacing the most common components inside the cartridge, we REBUILD the entire laser toner with the highest grade toner, drum, wiper blade and other materials. A proven 15-step process is used to produce identical or superior quality to the original equipment manufacturer. Your satisfaction is Guaranteed 100 %.

 Product Details
Item # 92295A-MICR-C
Manufacturer In House
Color black
Maximum Yield 3,000
Product Type Remanufactured
Warranty 8 months from purchase date
Remanufactured, compatible MICR Cartridge meets all magnetic standards for printing
ISO 9001 production quality
BETTER than original manufacturer