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C8767WN $65.95

96,C8767WN Genuine New Original Black HP Ink

Genuine New Original Black Ink for use in the HP DESKJET 460C MOBILE,460CB,460WBT,460WF,5740,5740XI,5743,5745,5748,6520,6520XI,6540,6540DT,6540XI,6620,6620XI,6830V,6840,6840DT,6840XI,9800,9800D;OFFICEJET MOBILE 6200,6210,6210V,6210XI,7210,7210V,7210XI,7310AL,7310XI,7408,7410,7410XI,H470,H470 WBT,H470 WF,H470B,L411A,L411B;PHOTOSMARKT 2600,2610,2610V,2610XI,2710,2710XI;PSC 1600,1610,1610V,1610XI,2350,2355,2355V,2355XI Printer Models. The new original Hewlett Packard Ink cartridges and supplies are high quality, reliable inks with exceptional yields. HP C8767WN ink is manufactured by HP and prints excellent, crisp pages ideal for both home and office use.

1. Exceptional Quality. Genuine inks deliver crisper text and image quality that is brighter and sharper with more accurate coloring.

2. OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer produced Ink cartridge which makes failure rate is less than 1%.

3. No FadingPrint produced from genuine inks typically maintains its integrity over time and does not fade.

4. Cost OEM inks are a bit more expensive, but they're also the most precise and most capable of producing the best quality print your printer can create.

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 Product Details
Item # C8767WN
Manufacturer 2017DCS
Color New Original Black
Maximum Yield 860
Product Type
Warranty 90 Days
Genuine  Brand Cartridge